About The Dog Wash

About The Dog Wash

Nantucket's Self Service Dog Wash invites you and your canine buddy to make the switch to an enjoyable bathing experience. No need for the muddy backyard cold-water hose rinses, or breaking your back trying to keep your dog in the tub, only to have an awful mess to follow. It is easy, convenient, affordable and fun! There are two wash bay stations, water is a comfortable temperature, shampoo and conditioner are premixed for convenience, and the air dryers make drying a breeze! It even gets better! There is a fenced, secure, Astroturf backyard. Your dog can have some playtime before or after the bath, make new friends, let out some energy or even shake and roll and not get dirty!

Wash, shampoo condition, rinse and dry $15 to start for the first 12 minutes. $1.25 a minute thereafter, for as much time as you and your furry friend need. 

Be sure and watch our How-To Video. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and share your Dirty Dog Photos.

Drop and wash by appointment. No Grooming. 

About Us

We love dogs, and our dogs love Nantucket! From digging in the sand, swimming in the surf, to long walks thru the Moors, we needed a place to wash or at least rinse off our dogs, somewhere other than our bathroom! It's been a topic of conversation with many of our fellow dog parent friends on Nantucket for some time. Turns out we really were not the first ones with this idea!

Dog wash facilities have already gained much popularity in other parts of the country, (the Mainland)!  So we thought, "why not here?"

Scott O'Connor and Andrea Russell have already experienced so much positive feed back from everyone! We are really excited to wrap up renovations at 51 Nobadeer Farm Road and open the doors! The Dog Wash was designed to be easy to use, as well as a gathering place for pet related events through out the year.  We hope that everyone is able to have more carefree fun outside (and inside) with their dogs, now that they have a shower made just for them!