Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointment is necessary to use our self-serve facility. Just bring your pet in at least 30 minutes before closing to ensure sufficient bathing time.

Why can't I control the temperature of the water?

Because dogs cannot sweat like people, the use of extremely hot bathing water could result in overheating. For this reason, we set the water temperature in our self-serve facility to 94-98 degrees.This optimum temperature may feel cool to you, but is very comfortable for your pet.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Most of our customers find that we have supplied them with everything they need for a job well done! However, feel free to bring special products/ brushes/towels/ etc that you prefer to use.  We recommend having an extra towel on hand, you may want to do some towel drying, especially for the face and ears and to sit on in the car afterwards. Although we recommend brushing and dematting prior to bathing there maybe times you want to brush them lightly afterwards. If you forget something, there are brushes, towels and ponchos (for you) available at the vending machine.

Will I get wet?

Well, this depends on you and your dog! While we have designed our facilities to minimize the “wet factor”, it is best to dress accordingly. There are ponchos available for sale at the vending machine.